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There are several ways you can place an order to watcheslikenew.com: toll free 1-877-9SERGES; locally 954-791-8446; by fax 954-583-6559, or by e-mail sales@watcheslikenew.com. Please provide stock number and brief description of the watch and your contact information. We will notify you regarding availability. Due to the fact that we do not monitor this site 24 hours a day, all items are subject to prior sale. If available, please tell us to hold your choice and advise payment method and shipping preferences. We welcome quality watches in trade.


All watches sold subject to complete customer satisfaction with a 3 day return privilege (client pays all shipping). New clients may prepay by bank check, charge card, wire, or personal check. Personal checks held until cleared. Bank checks must be verified by the issuing bank before shipment is released.

We gladly accept: Visa MasterCard American Express Credit card information should be provided by fax (please provide complete name and address, including postal code and phone number of card holder; plus expiration date and card number). All credit card users unknown to us will be asked to fax a Letter of Intent for Credit Card Purchase confirming the order with a signature and a copy of the card and a valid photo ID. We will fax the signature to the issuing bank for confirmation. Credit card transactions must be shipped to the billing address of the card holder. Residents of the State of Florida must pay 6% Florida State sales tax.

Due to the difficulty of credit card verification and identification on international credit card purchases, watcheslikenew.com does not accept credit cards for purchases outside the U.S.A. We will accept Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfers only. Normally, we receive payment on Bank-to-Bank Wire Transfers within 24 hours. All shipments will be made promptly when payment is verified. We will provide our bank wire transfer instructions upon order confirmation. All international shipments will be made by FedEx. Normal delivery time is 3-5 days.


All watches are warranted for a period of 1 year from date of purchase. If the watch malfunctions within one year from the date of purchase, watcheslikenew.com will repair the defect at no cost to the customer. All work will be done to factory standards and only genuine parts will be used when available. The customer will be responsible for shipping to watcheslikenew.com in a secure package via insured carrier. All warranty repairs will be returned to the customer at our expense. This warranty does not cover external damage or water damage caused by the customer.

"New" or Never Worn Watches - The warranty period is extended to two years. When possible, warranty repairs will be returned to the factory via a factory authorized dealer. If our supplier is not factory authorized, we will do the repair work in house. Factory warranty repairs normally take 4 - 6 weeks. In house repairs take 2-3 weeks. Watcheslikenew.com, is not a factory authorized seller of any watch brand. Please see our explanation under discounts.


We often offer "new" or never worn watches at substantial discounts. Frequently, jewelers and watch dealers will sell large groups of inventory to raise funds during periods of poor cash flow. We have the financial ability to take advantage of these situations and can often buy at prices lower than dealer cost. Since we are not bound by contract to any watch company, we pass the savings to our customers. Also, we source product in countries with favorable exchange rates and lower factory price structures.


Our goal is to offer you the best condition available in pre-owned watches. We understand it's difficult to buy without personally examining a watch, so we take great care in selecting the watches we offer. Our wish is to be known for selling watches in the finest condition, therefore your satisfaction is our top priority. If there's a problem with the watch, we are happy to offer a refund (less shipping cost) on the return of any watch purchase within 3 days of the date you receive your watch. To make the return process smooth, we ask that you follow these guidelines: The product must be in original and unworn condition with all original packaging materials, unmarked warranty cards, and instruction booklets. Before returning an item, please contact us via phone or e-mail to notify us of the return so we can give you the return shipping instructions. The customer will be responsible for shipping to watcheslikenew.com in a secure package via insured carrier.


We ship overnight, insured via FedEx, or insured USPO . The shipping cost of single watch purchases usually runs between $25-100, depending on the amount of insurance, the weight of the package, and the method of shipment. Exact shipping cost will be quoted at time of purchase. International shipments may have additional duties which will be the responsibility of the buyer. For credit card transactions, shipments must go to the cardholders' address. All shipments must be signed for by the purchaser with photo ID. All watches are sold in good running order and mechanically sound. Full refund given when watches are returned undamaged and unworn, shipped within 3 business days of receipt. Shipping charges are non-refundable. Client is responsible for return shipping and insurance. Please see RETURNS for more details.