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We understand how the purchase of a fine watch can sometimes be difficult, particularly if it's done without actually viewing and touching the timepiece. watcheslikenew.com offers an unconditional 3 day return policy for all Internet purchases, but we also realize the old fashion method of buying fine watches and jewelry from your local independent jeweler is still the most comfortable way for some.

Over the past 20 plus years, we have developed numerous successful trading relationships with retail jewelers throughout the country. Below is a list of independent jewelers we strongly recommend for anyone that is looking to buy, sell or trade in fine wristwatches and jewelry. Out of the hundreds of companies we've dealt with over the years, we carefully selected a few of the best. These are knowledgeable and trusting professionals that can truly help you with your purchase. If you would like to view one of our fine watches in person, please check the list below to see if a recommended jeweler is located near you. We can arrange for a no obligation viewing of our products. If you do see a jeweler that is convenient to you, please feel free to contact us, or one of these recommended jewelers, to arrange for a no obligation viewing.

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